SimpleWebs13 CMS Demo
Our CMS ( Content Management System ) allows our clients the ability to edit, change, add, or delete content, images, or pictures from their existing website.

You can login here to the ADMIN PANEL with the username & password provided to you in the email that was sent.

Banner Slide Editing
1 - Select 1 of the banner slide images and a new window opens.
2 - Select any of the current slide images to rearrange, edit, or delete the image.
3 - Add to gallery button: add a new slide image and place it wherever you want within the current order of slides.
4 - You can link the image(s) to a page (within your site or an external site url), and then submit to save your edits.
5 - If linking an image to an external website, make sure you select "Open in new window". This will allow the linked page to open in a new tab/window without closing your website.

Content Editing
To start editing the content below,
1 - Hover over the text and a dotted box will appear.
2 - Place your cursor anywhere you want to edit text, change text, add text, or delete text. You can also add and start a new paragraph.
*** Link Icon:
*** For all Tool Bar Icon's and descriptions, please see the "Instructions" page.

Image Editing
1 - Select and highlight the image you would like to change.
2 - Choose the "Image" icon from the tool bar and a new window open.
3 - Choose from an existing image or upload a new image to use.
4 - Make sure you clear the "Width" and "Height" box so they are empty before you submit.

To add a new image to the group of images,
5 - Select an image
6 - Select the 2 rectangled arrows from the tool bar, then insert it before or after the current image selected.
7 - Now choose your new image to replace the copied image.
8 - Once you have complete this step, you can now rearrange the image using the same 2 arrow tool from the tool bar.

You also have the opportunity to create folders to organize your images.
When you have finished editing the images, select "Publish" from the "Save" dropdown menu in the top right corner.